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Michael Phelps & Bar Refaeli for Sports Illustrated (X)

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"I’m definitely not the easiest person to coach." -Michael Phelps

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@MrJoshCharles In case anyone is confused about who I’m rooting for in London.

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burntoacinder asked:
I've just found your blog and I'm already deeply in love with it. It is perfect and it gives me so many feelings. Gosh, I love Michael so, so much! And I know you can understand how I feel :) Awesome blog! I hope you keep posting forever!

Thank you darlin! And I LOVE it when people come here to talk about MP feels 

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always-homy asked:
i literally love your sidebar gif, hahaha. i have been staring at it laughing for like the pat 10 minutes, haha/ its perfect. He is just like "Fuck you all, i just won gold with this shit on!" hahahahahaha, omg. gotta love phelpsi :)

well ugh this race gave me so many feels and especially it’s after people talking shit about how cavic should have won or omega was behind the 0.01-second-win because they were michael’s sponsor everything just sUCKS but then bam michael shut them up with new world record so i just sit there and cry ok i don’t even know what i’m saying anymore

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I jus-


Phelps beat Cavic again in Men’s 100m butterfly at Rome World Championship 2009 and broke the world record— this time without a high-tech Speedo.